Sherita Perez @ Gueros Oak Garden Austin

Gueros Oak Garden Austin, Austin, TX

Band show from 6-8pm

About Gueros
In 1993, the Central Feed and Seed store closed their doors for good. Two years later Cathy and Rob Lippincott bought the building for the purpose of expanding the modest taqueria they had on East Oltorf to a larger location with the hopes of continuing the tradition of a meeting place for locals and newcomers alike.
Güero’s Taco Bar is a vibrant part of South Austin, where the locals flock for hand-shaken margaritas made in the original way with fresh-squeezed lime juice. ¡Muy peligroso! Just about any Mexican beer you name can be served up icy cold. Our bar will remind you of the great old cantinas you have visited in Mexico.
If you’re looking for interior Mexican food with a hint of Tex-Mex you are in the right spot! We have everything from handmade corn tortillas and Mole to authentic Tacos al Pastor.
Don’t worry if there’s a wait, you can enjoy live music, full bar and appetizers in our Oak Garden (Wednesday-Sunday). With over 35 years in Austin, Güero’s Taco Bar is the perfect meeting spot for friends and family. So come on in and let us do what we do best. The staff at Güero’s is friendly, eclectic and dedicated to Güero’s long-term commitment to service. Thanks for coming by!


Sherita Perez @ Home Sweet Farm Brenham Band Show

Home Sweet Farm Brenham Band Show, Brenham, TX

Band Show

Home Sweet Farm Biergarten is located in historic Downtown Brenham. A laid-back venue offering live music every weekend, the largest selection of Texas craft beer in the county, wine and local products. Available for private party rentals and special events.


Sherita Perez @ Bridgets Basket Hunt

Bridgets Basket Hunt, Hunt, TX

Bill, Bridget, Will and Parker. Servant spirits, hard workers and kind humans.

Bill was raised on the banks of the Guadalupe River in Hunt, Texas. Bill is a board certified equine surgeon and partner at Town and Country Animal Hospital by day and a farmer, gardener and viticulturist by evening. Bill is a true steward who strives daily to learn as much as possible, give back where he can and appreciate the simple joys life as to offer. He also loves, loves, loves fishing!

Bridget was raised off the beaten path between Harper and Junction. Bridget is a retired English teacher, former calf roper and now adventurous gardener and entrepreneur. Bridget has a deep passion for family, community and food. She is a do-er who’s greatest joy in life is making people smile and ending each day surrounded by those she loves. She also loves a good honky-tonk and classic country music!

Will is a solid young man with a depth of integrity that is admirable. He is honest as the day is long, he works hard and loves deep. Will lives for sports and family and loves to win. He is an adventurous eater and enjoys cooking and coming up with new culinary creations. He’s a pretty good tractor driver, too!

Parker is a character! He has the biggest sense of humor, a wittiness that keeps you on your toes and a heart the size of Texas. He loves all things in nature and cares deeply for his family and friends. Parker is a fantastic story-teller and has an imagination that never ceases to amaze!

The Symm family began their journey of Bridget’s Basket in 2013, when Bill sketched the first bike and sign, which became the business’ logo. Bridget had recently retired from teaching and made the choice to stay home with the boys shortly after Parker experienced a dramatic food allergy reaction. From that moment, their perspective on food, society, consumption, and many other things changed significantly. Bridget took a course to become a Master Gardener and began growing vegetables, canning, baking and learning more about food.

The timing was good, the energy was positive and the transformation was sustainable. As anyone who embarks on similar adventures is well aware, new endeavors take time, patience, a good attitude, and, most importantly - gifts from above.

The Symm family wants to thank everyone who has touched their lives throughout this adventure and tires hard to live by the words of Bridget’s grandmother, Virgina Parker,

“…everyone you meet in life should be better off for having known you!”